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Computers are evil!  When they work, they are the greatest machines ever created.  However, they have this tendency to “corrupt” over time.  I think it might be a conspiracy by the computer manufacturers to keep you coming back for more.


I’m on my computer a lot – I work from it, obviously, as a freelance writer.  I research information and I spend a fair amount of time just surfing the ‘net.  So, like anything that gets continued use, it’s bound to slowly deplete of energy.  But what a pain in my arse when it does.

Luckily, I have backup.  The lovely mini-computer that I’m typing on now (AKA my laptop).  As convenient as it is, I want a working PC.  I’ve run dozen of tests and applied even more “fixes.”  So why, can I ask, isn’t my computer fixed? 

As much as it pains me to say, I think it might be time for a new computer.  It’s not the money aspect that bothers me (although it probably should), it’s the transfer of everything to a new computer so that it’s just like the one I currently have, minus all the problems.  So, I will continue for a short while in my denial, trying to fix a machine that is probably inevitably broken, and use my backup supply when the preferred method does not work to the best of its ability.  Then, I will probably purchase another blessed, yet evil, machine.

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