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Immaculate: [adj] without fault or error Conception: [n] the creation of something in the mind This is what you'll get with Immaculate Conception. Whether you need editing of something you've written, or whether you need the creation of something entirely new, I am what you are looking for. My keen attention to detail, along with my quick turn around time, will aid in the final production of your piece, allowing you to meet whatever deadline you have. Through my creativity and writing talents, together we can publish a work of art that we will both be proud of. The combination of these two areas is what Immaculate Conception is made of. My Master's degree gives me the educational experience to work proficiently on your project. I have access to thousands and thousands of databases, journal articles, periodicals, subject specific websites, etc, which helps me in my research and writings. Because of this, I'm able to research and write about topics that I may not know a great deal about at the onset of a project, but I guarantee to know a great deal about the topic by the end!

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