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When I was reading earlier today, I read a line that stuck with me regarding change.  The general meaning was this:

The more you change, the less of you there is.

Being the ponderer that I am, I thought about this line for quite awhile.  Is it true?  I’ve heard quotes like “The more things change, the more they stay the same” which, in all honesty, never made much sense to me.  If they change, they’re not the same, right?  But this line in a book, one that probably was not meant to provoke as much thought as it did, left me thinking.

If you read my “What I’ve Learned From 2007” post, you will see I have undergone a great deal of change in the last year.  Even before 2007, I was in constant fluxuation.  I finished grad school, moved halfway across the country, got a new job.  That was all in the 2nd half of 2006.  Then 2007 brings a marriage, a diagnosis of a chronic disease (that sounds so menacing every time I say it!), and other various life-altering changes.  Already in 2008, I’ve transitioned from being a full-time therapist to a full-time freelance writer, a huge change in and of itself.

So, with the last 2 years of my life being as they’ve been, who am I?  Am I that person that sat in class at her university several days a week?  Or the person that shared insights over coffee and cigarettes in cafes with her college friends?  How about that single mom that raised a child through years of schooling and strife?  Am I her?

I would like to think I am a composite of all I ever was – that each day adds a piece of the puzzle called “Angela’s Life” that will only be complete on the day I take my last breath.  All of my current decisions are based on my past successes and failures.  Regret is not in my regular vocabulary, as I made the decision to do everything I’ve ever done, and each choice has made me who I am. 

So in regards to the above words from the book I am reading, and the question I posed about it, in my opinion, no, it is not true.  In my opinion, if it were, we would be composed of random days stuck together with no rhyme or reason.  As for me, I want my life to have both rhyme and reason.

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