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Although I have written for many years, I’ve only recently made the decision to venture out into full time freelance writing.  I’ve considered myself pretty lucky with the projects I’ve personally landed, but as I’ve looked through various projects on the market, I’m dismayed at the low pay that some people offer.

Freelance ≠ Free Work!  Yet when I see projects being offered at $.02 a word, I wonder if writers really hold themselves to such low standards?  The spectrum I see going from the low price quoted above (and even lower!) up to $2+ a word simply amazes me. 

The reason I have done fairly well for myself in my venture into full time freelance, I believe, is because I know my worth.  I simply will not accept such low pay.  I am an excellent writer, and I, along with other excellent writers, deserve more.  More pay, but more respect.

I’m thankful for those who I have worked with thus far, as they have shown me respect with great communication, feedback and pay.  The old adage is true – “You get what you pay for.”  I hope those who are offering $.02 a word are getting EXACTLY what they pay for.


…And that’s my $.02


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