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So, I’m sitting at my computer, minding my own business, when I suddenly get a pop up screen letting me know that my friend from years past would like to add me to his Yahoo friend list. First, let me say, that was a blast from my past! I have not talked to this guy in probably 3-4 years.

He belonged to a group of friends I hung out with at my Community College. He’s also part of a “subcategory” of those friends who are from Canada…my Canucks, as I used to call them. I loved these guys! They were fun, and I had a blast when we hung out.

But, as I grew and entered the world of “University,” my Community College friends drifted away into a new category…Old Friends. I went from always hanging out with them, to rarely talking, to now, when I’m overloaded with memories of my old friends and that chapter of my life.

But what do you say to old friends? Hi, how the hell are ya? (Did that). What have you been up to? (Please fill me in on the last 4 years of your life). It just makes me think how life is full of chapters. Chapter 1 – Birth…and on and on it goes, filling up with old friends and new friends who might eventually be classified as old friends.

But, written in this chapter of my life is the day where my “old friend” IM’d me, and now I must catch up, as much as one can through a little box on the screen, with one of my Canucks.


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